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your horse at skystone

We have a magical meadow located in a protected spot lying between a creek-side green belt and a forested hill that protects your horse from the north wind. Something in the geography provides serenity that we don't feel in other spots. We can guarantee your horse will have never been more relaxed than at Skystone. We'd like to take credit for it, but it really is this special spot. Horse care practitioners have made numerous comments about how serene the paddock meadow is and it has even suggested we convalesce horses here because of the 'positive energy' the meadow zone seems to emanate.

We haven't built a stable because we know the horses are healthier for living out with the ability to move around whenever they want. Besides, although stables can be quite beautiful, they are for people and the horses' preference is living outside. Your horse will have a paddock mate and they'll share a turnout shed. We manage the relationships according to character and diet so your horse has companionship without social drama.

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